The Gear Shop warrants and guarantees our remanufactured units to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the period described on the invoice beginning on the sale date. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser only and no warranties or guarantees, written or implied, are extended to any other party. This warranty is limited to repairing or replacing the remanufactured unit which upon our examination proves to have become defective during the warranty period. No guarantee is extended for additional work not specified on the invoice. This warranty does not cover broken or “burned” gears or damage resulting from abuse, accident, racing, or faulty operation of any part or parts not described on the invoice (such as linkage, shifters, motor or transmission mounts, worn or defective drive shaft components, electrical components, etc.). This warranty is void if the unit has been used in any application other than that which it was originally intended or if it has been repaired or altered outside of The Gear Shop’s remanufacturing facilities.

Units run out of lubricant, under filled or over filled with lubricant, or filled with the incorrect lubricant will not be covered under warranty. Defective seals are covered under warranty; units “burned” from lack of lubrication due to defective seals are NOT covered under warranty. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to properly maintain their vehicle including maintaining the proper type and level of fluid in the unit. The Gear Shop is in no way involved with the filling or maintaining of fluid in the unit and accepts no responsibility for damage caused by incorrect or insufficient lubrication.

This warranty does not cover such things as labor, towing, rental car, loss of use, loss of earnings, personal injury damages, per diem expenses, nor any other consequential or incidental damages or expenses. The Gear Shop reserves the right to refund the full purchase price in lieu of all claims otherwise due a claimant under the terms of this warranty.


  • All units come with an 18 month unlimited mileage warranty.
  • 36 month extended warranties are available.
  • Please contact us for warranty details and limitations before ordering at 410.477.4327
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