All units are sold on an exchange basis unless notated otherwise. All units are sold with no up-front core charge however we do require the core to be returned to us within 30 days of the delivery date. If we do not receive a core return within 30 days you will be charged an additional agreed upon, non-refundable missing core fee. THERE WILL BE NO WARRANTY ON THE UNIT UNTIL WE HAVE RECEIVED EITHER THE RETURN CORE OR THE MISSING CORE FEE. The core must be the exact model that was sent to you to qualify for core credit. Condition of the core is not a factor in receiving core credit, but the unit must be assembled and complete. A prepaid UPS return shipping label will be provided for you. The Gear Shop pays for the return shipping on the core.

For questions or more info contact us Monday-Friday, 9-5 at 410.477.4327

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