All transfer cases are sold on an exchange basis. In addition to the purchase price paid, we expect to receive a qualified core return and our original shipping container back in all sales unless other arrangements are agreed upon prior to purchase and notated as such on the invoice. You have 30 days from the invoice date to return a qualified core and the original shipping container to us. If we do not receive a qualified core and our original shipping container within 30 days, you will be expected to pay an additional missing core and container fee. THERE WILL BE NO WARRANTY ON THE NEW TRANSFER CASE UNTIL WE HAVE RECEIVED EITHER THE RETURN CORE AND ORIGINAL SHIPPING CONTAINER OR THE MISSING CORE AND CONTAINER FEE.

In most cases, we do not charge an up-front core deposit. Not being charged an up-front core deposit does NOT change the fact that all sales are made on an exchange basis and that we require a qualified core and the original shipping container to be sent back to us to constitute a completed transaction. Returning the qualified core and original shipping container to us will NOT result in any funds being returned to you if you were not charged a separate, up-front core deposit to begin with.

The core must be the exact model that was sent to you to qualify for core credit. Condition of the internal parts of the core is not a factor in receiving full core credit however the unit must be assembled, complete, and have no external case damage to qualify for full core credit (on transfer case models NP246, NP261, and NP263 case damage is acceptable and expected and will NOT disqualify a return core to qualify for full core credit). If you have any questions about your core condition and whether it will qualify for full core credit, call us at 410-477-4327 before ordering.

A prepaid UPS return shipping label will be provided for you. The Gear Shop pays for the return shipping on the core when you use the prepaid UPS label that we supply. If you send the return core and container back using any method other than the prepaid UPS ground shipping return label that we provide, we will not reimburse for any shipping charges that you incur.

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